Founder & Owner

Alicia Valdés-Pagés

When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.
— - AD. Williams

Alicia is a Cuban American and Florida native, born in Miami, raised in Winter Park; A graduate of Lake Howell High School.

It has been Alicia’s lifelong dream to be a minority, women-led pet business owner and operator. Alicia is a highly passionate and dedicated individual with 20+ years of pet caring experience.

Since a very young age, Alicia has owned, raised, rescued, adopted and been obsessed with animals. Alicia has been connected to animals and especially dogs since she was in diapers. A connection so deep, that those who witness her interacting with their dogs often call her an “Animal Whisperer.” 

Alicia’s passion for dogs and pet care grew so profound that at the young age of 28, she moved on from her career in corporate marketing, and chose to fulfill her life-long dream. Risking it all, Alicia opened her first pet care business at the age of 29. She has made it her lifestyle to not only care for animals, but to give back to the community she grew up in, in any way she can.

Her vision- to be a household name, known for being a wholesome pet care company people can trust and depend on. A familiar place, one that brings solutions and bring peace of mind to owners.

“I am in the business of love- for both humans and their pets. We welcome all- a safe place-a family.”

A professional in all that she does, Alicia believes heavily in respect for all beings and their beloved pets. The go-getter she is, her dream is now her reality, caring for pets for a living in her home town, while getting to meet amazing people and their families along the way. Alicia will do anything to satisfy her clients and the pet's she cares for. She truly loves what she does; it is her passion and it shows.

Providing exceptional care and service to both the owner and their pets, Alicia strives for pure satisfaction. Her passion shows in her appreciation for animals, work ethic, dedication, knowledge, attention to detail, love, and the desire to provide the utmost care when the pet owner cannot.

Alicia believes in leaving her mark in life through the animals she cares for. While bringing peace of mind to their owners, by taking the weight off their shoulders, one pet at a time.


  • Licensed, Insured, Bonded

  • BBB Accredited

  • Member, Insured & Bonded by Pet Sitters Associates LLC

  • Member of Professional United Pet Sitters LLC

  • Member of PetsitUSA

  • Dog CPR, Pet First-Aid, and Safety Certified

  • Senior dog experience

  • Puppy care experience

  • Medication Administration Experience

  • References

  • LGBTQ friendly. We welcome all!

  • Women owned & operated

  • Minority owned & operated

  • Family owned & operated

  • Locally owned & operated